Dil Hai Tumhara Full Movie

dil hai tumhara full movie starring Rekha, Preity Zinta, Mahima Chaudhry, Arjun Rampal and Jimmy Shergill. Dil Hai Tumhaara (Hindi: दिल है तुम्हारा, English: Heart Is Yours) is a 2002 Bollywood romantic comedy and family film starring Arjun Rampal, Preity Zinta, Mahima Chaudhry, Jimmy Shergill,Rekha and Alok Nath. The film performed poorly at the Indian box office, however Zinta’s performance was praised by critics and earned her nominations at a number of award ceremonies. The music of the film, composed by Nadeem-Shravan, went on to do well on the charts.

The film revolves around the character of Shalu (Preity Zinta) and her relationships with her mother, Saritaji (Rekha), and sister, Nimmi (Mahima Chaudhary). Unknown to Shalu and Nimmi, they are only half-sisters, as Shalu is the daughter of Saritaji’s late husband with the woman he had been having an affair with. Wounded in a car accident with Shalu’s biological mother, he begged Saritaji on his death bed to accept Shalu as her own.

Although Saritaji adopted Shalu, she cannot forget the truth of Shalu’s hidden parentage, and so gives her none of the love she shows to her real daughter, Nimmi. Shalu, on the other hand, loves Saritaji, whom she believes is her real mother. She constantly craves her mother’s affection but does not get it, so she retaliates by being rebellious, thinking it is the only way to get her mother’s attention. Unlike their mother, Nimmi loves Shalu very much and constantly stands up for her, though she refuses to think ill-will of Saritaji.

Eventually a young man named Dev Khanna (Arjun Rampal) enters the sisters’ lives. Dev and Shalu initially do not get along but eventually fall in love. However, circumstances make Nimmi believe that Dev is in love with her, not Shalu. Saritaji, only aware of Nimmi’s side of the story, offers a marriage proposal to Dev’s father (Alok Nath) on Nimmi’s behalf. When Saritaji sees Dev and Shalu being affectionate, she jumps to the conclusion that Shalu has stolen Dev from Nimmi, just as Shalu’s mother stole Saritaji’s husband from her. Saritaji confronts Shalu in anger and reveals her true heritage in front of Nimmi.

Shalu, who has long craved her mother’s love, decides to sacrifice Dev in order to make her mother and sister happy. When Dev learns of this situation from Shalu, he is confused and dismayed, but agrees to marry Nimmi in order to make Shalu happy. When Nimmi notices that something is wrong with Shalu, Shalu deflects the question by saying that she has fallen in love with Samir (Jimmy Shergill), her childhood friend who has been in love with her for years.

On the engagement day, Saritaji’s political rivals try to use Shalu’s illegitimate heritage to threaten Nimmi’s marriage to Dev, who is from a prominent family. Shalu takes matters into her own hands, rushing to Dev’s house where she publicly announces to Dev’s entire family that she is illegitimate, arguing that it is proof of Saritaji’s kindness and generosity that Shalu was adopted into her family, and it would be an injustice if the marriage were cancelled solely because of her. Dev’s father is impressed with Shalu’s courage, and promises that nothing will stop the marriage from taking place.

Saritaji secretly witnesses Shalu’s confession and is deeply touched. She is ashamed of how she has treated Shalu in the past, and they share their first hug together. Saritaji tells her that she will ask Nimmi to step aside if Shalu and Dev are really in love, but Shalu stops her from doing so, saying that now she has her mother’s love and acceptance, she does not want anything else.

Nimmi is very happy that her mother has accepted Shalu but she still feels that something is not quite right with her sister. She soon learns of the whole ruse from Samir, and gladly steps aside in order for Shalu and Dev to be united.

Arjun Rampal as Dev Khanna – an American business school graduate who decides to investigate his father’s factory in Palampur. There he crosses paths with Shalu, who works at the factory. Dev wants to shut down the factory but Shalu convinces him otherwise, and together they work out a plan to save the factory’s business. The pair fall in love during this time. When Nimmi is injured, Dev visits her in the hospital and helps cheer her up, unaware that his actions cause Nimmi to fall in love with him.

Preity Zinta as Shalu – the playful and adventurous daughter of Saritaji’s husband and the woman that he had been having an affair with. She is adopted by Saritaji, whom she believes is her own mother. She constantly craves her mother’s affection but does not get it, so she retaliates by being rebellious, which is the only way to get her mother’s attention. She loves her mother and sister Nimmi very much. She eventually falls in love with Dev Khanna, unaware that Nimmi has fallen for him as well.

Mahima Chaudhry as Nimmi – the kind and responsible biological daughter of Saritaji and her husband. She does not know that Shalu, whom she loves very much, is her half-sister. Nimmi constantly stands up for Shalu, though she refuses to think ill of her own mother. Nimmi falls in love with Dev Khanna, not realising that Dev and Shalu have fallen in love.

Jimmy Shergill as Samir – Shalu’s childhood friend and a ventriloquist/puppeteer. He has been in love with Shalu for years, but has not been able to find a way to tell her. He constantly cheers her up whenever she is upset from having an argument with her mother. Jimmy Shergill is accompanied by a puppet called “Rangeela”, who was operated by renowned Ventriloquist & Puppeteer Ramdas Padhye.

Rekha as Saritaji – a woman who is heartbroken when she discovers that her husband has been having an affair. When her husband is wounded in a car accident, he begs Saritaji on his death bed to accept Shalu, his daughter from the other woman. Saritaji adopts Shalu, but gives her none of the love that she shows to her real daughter, Nimmi. Saritaji, with her two daughters, moves to another town where no one knows of their history, and there she fulfils her political aspirations and becomes mayor. Saritaji is constantly under attack from her political rivals who her seek to undermine her authority and remove her from office.

Alok Nath as Mr. Khanna – a wealthy but generous businessman who owns the factory in Palampur that is the livelihood of most of the people of the town. He is the father of Dev Khanna, and approves of Shalu’s positive influence on his son. When Saritaji visits him with a marriage proposal, he assumes that it is on behalf of Shalu, and is shocked when he learns that it is for Nimmi.

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